Breakfast & Culinary delights

Passion for quality,
love for good food and drinks.
Rooted in the region, inspired by pleasure.

Dessert - Forsterhof

Tasty pleasures à la Forsterhof

When you grow up surrounded by fields from childhood and experience the whole cycle of the year – from sowing to growing and harvesting – you develop a special feeling for quality products. When you experience the effort and love of cultivation, when you feel uncertainty about the coming harvest, when you see the crops thriving with your own eyes, when you taste and cook the harvest products yourself, when you learn to appreciate their goodness, then this feeling for quality it’s surely there. The entire culinary offer of the Forsterhof is based on product taste and quality. In the preparation of our dishes we only use ingredients from our own production or from trusted regional suppliers. And to round off our culinary offering, we use selected delicacies made in Italy.

Olive branches
Variety makes the difference
For Christine and Magdalena Erlacher, enjoying a holiday means tasting the region, savouring the food the country has to offer, getting to know the local cuisine and letting yourself be pampered. Do you prefer to tickle your taste buds with the Mediterranean aroma that inebriates Merano or to satiate your "mountain hunger" on verdant alpine pastures? According to the Forsterhof hosts, enjoying a holiday also means planning your stay individually, at your own pace and according to your own preferences.
The Forsterhof's holiday offer is based on the hosts’ credo.
Have breakfast at your leisure in the morning light and enjoy fine delicacies served directly at your table. Throughout the day, spoil your palate with tasty sweet or savoury, a good Italian coffee, fine aperitifs or homemade fruit juices from our hotel bar. Now you're ready to head out and explore the region with its picturesque mountain huts, pretty city cafés and elegant restaurants, where you can discover the variety of the South Tyrolean cuisine and take home with you many new savours and stories to tell. That is All-inclusive à la Forsterhof.
Your culinary (holi)day
  • Extended breakfast: from 8.00 to 11.00 a.m. in our garden or in the hotel lounge
  • A snack between meals: from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. we offer you homemade cakes & pastries, fine drinks and tasty aperitifs at the Forsterhof bar.
  • Dinner in the region: “Dine-Around“ with culinary tips from our staff & reservation service
  • At night: 24h Guest Bar with selected drinks for self-dispensing

Rooms & Suites
Room(s) for dreams

144.- €
161.- €
133.- €
Zimmer Sissiab
122.- €
136.- €
136.- €
111.- €
97.- €
Suite Marie
Suite for 2 - 4 persons with private Hydrosoft Sauna
50 m² of stylish suite feeling that extends even further to the terrace of 25 m². In the private Hydrosoft Sauna you can enjoy deep relaxation. A panoramic window offers you an amazing view over the spa town of Merano.
from 144.- €
Suite Giardino
Suite for 2 - 4 persons with private garden & Hydrosoft Sauna
A 50 m² light-flooded suite on the ground floor, extending outside to a secluded private garden with loungers and whirlpool. Inside the suite, spacious interiors and a Hydrosoft sauna ensure pleasant moments of wellbeing and relaxation.
from 161.- €
Suite Frieda
Suite for 2 - 4 persons
45 m² of stylish suite feeling that extends even further to the terrace. Here you can enjoy the view on the Texel Group - and on the wonderful cultural landscape of Lagundo/Algund..
from 133.- €
Double room for 2 persons
29 m² of space create a special feeling of well-being. A cosy reading corner invites you to relax. Here you can feel like an emperor and enjoy the panoramic view through the window over the spa town of Merano.
from 122.- €
Double room for 2 persons with whirlpool
26m² of cosy space where you can feel like home. On your generous private terrace of 40 m² there is a whirlpool, from which you can look into the starry sky.
from 136.- €
Double room for 2 - 3 persons with private garden
A light-flooded room on the ground floor, extending outside to a secluded 20 m² private garden with loungers, private jacuzzi and a wonderful view over thousand apple trees.
from 136.- €
Double room for 2 - 3 persons
29 m² of space create a special feeling of well-being. On the pleasantly soft bed, on the terrace or in the loggia with view on the landscape of Lagundo/Algund.
from 111.- €
Double room for 2 persons
25 m² of living space with terrace or loggia from where you can admire the landscape of Lagundo/Algund before going to bed.
from 97.- €