Ambience & Architecture

Surrounded by beauty.
Stylish and elegant rooms & suites.
Modern architecture steeped in history.

Exterior view - Forsterhof
Ambience & ArchitectureWhere modernity meets warmth

The sense for quality and authenticity expressed in the hotel's design, the warmth the hosts lend to the Forsterhof with their genuine hospitality, the handcrafted furniture made from local wood, the fresh flowers on the breakfast table, the cosy tranquillity, the garden all around, the fire crackling in the fireplace when it's cold outside... who enters the Forsterhof will immediately feel this special atmosphere that makes this place an oasis of pure well-being.

Swimming pool
Modern architecture with an eye to the future
In 2018, the original building from the 1960s was redesigned and turned into a contemporary residence. The exterior façade is characterised by clear lines, while the minimalist, linear shape of the hotel blends in charmingly with the surrounding verdant orchards and woods. The focus of attention is the outdoor landscape, admirable from the whole building through large windows as well as spacious terraces and balconies in every room. The elegant and timeless design emphasises a sustainable building style, which is further underlined by the use of local wood varieties, quality handcrafted furniture and energy efficiency with a Climate House A rating.
Historical furniture
Antique mirror
Historical herilooms from the family treasury
The new hotel rooms are decorated with antiquities from the family treasury such as paintings, mirrors and clocks that have been lovingly preserved over the years and now lend a touch of (family) history to the modern interiors of the Forsterhof.

Rooms & Suites
Room(s) for dreams

133.- €
Kursuite from
144.- €
Oleander from
111.- €
Room Sissi from
122.- €
Magnolia from
97.- €
Stella from
136.- €
Suite Frieda
Suite for 2 - 4 persons
45 m² of stylish suite feeling that extends even further to the terrace. Here you can enjoy the view on the Texel Group - and on the wonderful cultural landscape of Lagundo/Algund..
from 133.- €
Suite for 2 - 4 persons with Private Hydrosoft Sauna
50 m² of stylish suite feeling that extends even further to the terrace of 25 m². In the private Hydrosoft Sauna you can enjoy deep relaxation. A panoramic window offers you an amazing view over the spa town of Merano.
from 144.- €
Double room Superior for 2 - 3 persons
29 m² of space create a special feeling of well-being. On the pleasantly soft bed, on the terrace or in the loggia with view on the landscape of Lagundo/Algund.
from 111.- €
Double room Deluxe for 2 persons
29 m² of space create a special feeling of well-being. A cosy reading corner invites you to relax. Here you can feel like an emperor and enjoy the panoramic view through the window over the spa town of Merano.
from 122.- €
Double room Standard for 2 persons
25 m² of living space with terrace or loggia from where you can admire the landscape of Lagundo/Algund before going to bed.
from 97.- €
Double room Standard for 2 persons with whirlpool
26m² of cosy space where you can feel like home. On your generous private terrace of 40 m² there is a whirlpool, from which you can look into the starry sky.
from 136.- €